Atlas zur Europawahl 2004 in Deutschland

This is a visualization of the 2004 European election results for Germany. The color of each county or voting district on the map represents the percentage of voters in that district who voted for candidates of a specific political party. As you hover over the map, the election results for that district for the top five politcal parties are displayed in the table on the top of the right column. You can change the highlighting of the map to show the voting for a specific party by selecting that party in the dropdown list that initially contains “CDU/CSU.” The entry “Wahlbeteiligung” displays voter turnout by district.

Atlas zur Europawahl 2004

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We thank Michael Neutze for generously allowing us to reproduce his excellent work on the Internet Explorer Test Drive site.

Map and data copyright © 2004 Der Bundeswahlleiter. Program and ideas copyright © 2010 Michael Neutze.